Personal Values and Standards in Programming

How do your personal values influence your daily work as a developer?

Photo by Glenn Carstens-Peters on Unsplash

What means “right”?

If you have been in a typical scrum team for a while with code reviews and regular developer sessions you know that there can be hot discussions about the “right” solution.

  1. pragmatic, keep it simple (KISS)
  2. easy to maintain
  3. conforming to rules
  4. minimal lines of code
  5. aesthetic
  6. well commented
  1. conforming to rules
  2. minimal lines of code
  3. aesthetic
  4. easy to maintain
  5. well commented
  6. pragmatic, keep it simple (KISS)


  • What is your personal sort order of values?
  • How is it compared to a colleague you have problems to find a consensus?
  • Which mix of value systems is optimal for a team?

Software Developer for more than 35 years, started with C and C++, after Java, Python, Groovy, Lua, Golang and Swift now focussing on Dart and Flutter

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