Experiments with the new Riverpod 2.0 Notifier

Learn some details about using Riverpod 2.0

Alfred Schilken
7 min readNov 7, 2022


Version 2.0 of Riverpod was released on Sep 30, 2022. At the moment it has reached version 2.1.1. So it is quite fresh and there isn’t yet much info available on medium.com or Youtube. Even the documentation on riverpod.dev is not yet updated with details.

The best information I found on Andrea Bizzotto’s blog at: https://codewithandrea.com/articles/flutter-riverpod-async-notifier/

Riverpod 2.0 adds two new provider types together with their modifiers autoDispose and family:

  • NotifierProvider
  • AsyncNotifierProvider

The documentation doesn’t mention them yet, but maybe you will find them when you are reading this article later than November 2022. In this article, I will only use NotifierProvider. Maybe in a second part, I add an experiment for AsyncNotifierProvider.

To learn more about NotifierProvider I created a little example app. It is a bit similar to the standard counter app but uses Riverpod to increment and display several…



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